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Tuesday 28th June 2016



Created in 2014, iSearchSense was formed to make internet search marketing make sense to businesses in all industries and of all sizes. From educating small to medium sized businesses (SMB) with limited budgets on digital marketing best practices to advising corporate and enterprise sized companies on how to improve online presence and footprint, iSearchSense aims to steer companies in the right direction to achieve stronger yields.

iSearchSense delivers key information on the different areas of the buying cycle and the types of marketing methods used at each stage. With access to significant marketing knowledge, specialists and partnerships with reputable agencies allows iSearchSense to deliver sound advice.

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Buying Cycle

The buying cycle or the sales funnel, consists of multiple stages that represents the journey a prospect undergoes to become a client or customer. A lot of businesses need to consider what path their prospects take and identify which marketing method is most effective at specific stages of the cycle.

All the pieces are there but where do they go? What are the stages of the buying cycle and what marketing methods are most effective at each phase?